About Us


Zikrul Hakim – Bestari has been established as a children Books Publisher in Indonesia since 2000. Our prominent aspiration is to be the largest publisher with an emphasis on developing science and religious nuanced books. We are committed to create Indonesian children characterized by intelligence and good character, for academic knowledge as well as for social knowledge. We are supported by the outstanding author in the fild of Children world and the qualifid illustrator who well understand how to deliver the knowledge through their pictures. With decades of publishing experience, we continuously challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of products. What sets us apart from our competitors are:

• We publish books with an original story ideas, set up from Indonesian tale which is rich in cultural and literature, accompanied by best and attractive illustration, strong and genuine character which had high artistic value, and completing our books with creative design which all the process held by our best artists who great at their works.

• We believe in continuous and dedicated marketing and distribution through some major Book Stores, schools, and several branches in major cities in Indonesia. We also developing through digital market in order to comply with a request of digital users



In general, we have 2 Product Brands consist of “Bestari” and “Zikrul”. During 15 years, “Bestari” and “Zikrul” already published inspiring and enjoyable books for kids, which following by our success to have a wide market through Indonesia and abroad.

Zikrul is the part of the company which plays an active role in developing new books with Islamic values for every age segment, starting from toddlers, kids, teen and Islamic for general. One of our best seller from this Brand is Masterpiece of Wisata Hati by Ustadz Yusuf Mansur.

Bestari is a part of the company which specifially develop general knowledge book for children which aims to advance the world of knowledge especially for the kids. Our new book project which becoming a bookseller is Social Genius Series.



In the last fie years, there are rapidly increasing activities in our production process. While the number of titles published has decreased, but the number of copies of print run is quite  higher. The company published approximately 80 general titles and 70 titles for regular titles. Among the titles, there are numerous bestseller books which has sold over 300.000 copies and already reprinted more than 5 times. There was 2.353.700 copies of new books and 1.668.300 copies reprinted books. The total printed of books are 4.022.000.